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I'm reading from an input file:

          # This is a comment

 Matrix A =
                    //NOTICE THIS LINE

# matrix A (2 diagonal line segments)

100 100

200 200

I can't figure how to extract the Matrix A from that line without the whitespace. Right now I have

sscanf(buffer,"%s%*[^\n]", word);

I tried

sscanf(buffer,"%*[ ]%s%*[^\n]", word); 


sscanf(buffer," %s%*[^\n]", word); 

and so many others

It just doesn't ignore the whitespace, it copies it in the word variable as well as the matrix a.

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It would help if you made a little bit clearer exactly what you want read in and what you want ignored. Since it's not clear, I'm going to take a guess:

sscanf(input_line, " %[^=]", matrix_name);

That will leave the trailing whitespace though, so you'll need to trim that separately:


Where rtrim is something like (ignoring sanity/error checking for clarity):

// warning: untested code.
void rtrim(char *string) { 
    int pos;

    for (pos=strlen(string); pos >= 0 && isspace(string[pos]); --pos)
    string[pos] = '\0';
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Just to prevent the above code from breaking:check "pos>=0 && isspace(string[pos])" will be prevent your headache later on. –  mawia Mar 19 '11 at 6:44
@mawia: Oops -- quite right. Fixed, and thank you. –  Jerry Coffin Mar 19 '11 at 7:12

sscanf does not handle regular expressions.

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He's trying to use a scan set, not a regex -- and scanf (and friends) do handle scan sets. –  Jerry Coffin Mar 19 '11 at 6:13

As mentioned, sscanf doesn't have regular expressions. It takes a format specifier.

This is because C does not have regular expressions.

You either need to parse each line yourself, or use a regex library such as PCRE

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scanf does have scan sets though -- and that's what he's trying to use. –  Jerry Coffin Mar 19 '11 at 6:23

It's easy:

char s1[100],s2[100],s3[100];
if( 3==sscanf(buffer,"%s%s%s",s1,s2,s3) && !strcmp(s2,"A") && !strcmp(s3,"=") )
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