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I'm seeing conflicting arguments over the terms in the license, what constitutes a "modified version" and what constitutes a "covered work".

My SaaS product is licensed to customers, I would like to use an unmodified iText library, meaning using the API only, to generate PDFs that I then "convey" to the customer containing the customer's data.

I have seen some people say you don't have to release anything, some people say you have to release your entire code base (this seems ludicrous), and others saying you only have to release the source code that calls the iText library (I see no problem with this).

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I'm not a lawyer, blah blah blah.

AGPL was designed, as I understand it, to make it impossible to profit from coding using that license without opening your source.

AGPL requires that anyone with access to the output of the program have access to the source. And it's just as "viral" as the GPL. If you program is calling iText, then you need to make your entire program's source available. IIRC, it boils down to all the code running in that processes. You might be able to pass control files around or use IPC, but I don't believe that's ever been tested in court.

Two alternatives:

  • Commercial license (from, they pay me from time to time to help provide email support)
    • Several folks have commented that iText's price is significantly higher than other products with similar abilities.
  • Older (MPL/LGPL) version of iText. They aren't supported outside sites like SO here. No forks, at least not of this writing, and not that I've heard of.

AGPL is "free as in beer" hostile. That's the whole point. The change to this license was caused, I suspect, by at least two factors:

  • The author(Bruno)'s son got cancer... I'm pleased to report his son survived the experience, but it Was Not Cheap.
  • Tax law in Belgium makes it illegal to work for free. This was designed to protect people from forced labor type stuff. However, working on an open source library is (or was at the time) against the law!
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Awesome. This is exactly the kind of answer I was looking for. – chemdt Apr 6 '11 at 14:41

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