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I want to export singleton into python using boost.python and use it there. Here is the code:

class ConfigManager : public boost::serialization::singleton<ConfigManager> {};
inline ConfigManager &configManager() { return ConfigManager::get_mutable_instance(); }

    bp::class_<ConfigManager, boost::noncopyable>("ConfigManager", bp::no_init);
    bp::def("getHandle", &configManager, bp::return_value_policy<bp::copy_non_const_reference>());

Now, when I call getHandle in python, I get:

TypeError: No to_python (by-value) converter found for C++ type: ConfigManager

What I did wrong?

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copy_non_const_reference will try to copy your reference to a Python object, you should use instead bp::reference_existing_object, I tried here and the error message disappeared

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