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If I have:

(Time.now.year - CardSignup.last.dob.year) = 5

Then how come :

(Time.now.year - CardSignup.last.dob.year) == (1..6)

Returns false ?

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Two points.

  1. You've got it flipped around.
  2. Your missing a =

(1..6) === (Time.now.year - CardSignup.last.dob.year)

That should work.

Remember your sending a message to the range object (1..6) creates.

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Or did I misunderstand your question? –  huntsfromshadow Mar 18 '11 at 20:03
That's it thanks! –  Trip Mar 18 '11 at 20:07
(1..6) === 5

triple equals (===) is the operator you are looking for. == is for comparing a range to a range.

=== is an operator of range which is why the (1..6) goes first.


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A range is an array, versus a single value. A single value isn't truly equal to an array. What you may want is:

(1..6) === Time.now.year - CardSignup.last.dob.year


(1..6).include?(Time.now.year - CardSignup.last.dob.year)

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