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I´m trying to get that working:

clone a git project from an ssh server with NBGit. I get NBGit installed, works well local, but when given the connection parameters I´m not sure what is the right URL.

Or maybe it is not supported at the moment?

NBGit 0.4 for NB 6.9.1 on Win7

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The URL should be:


enter image description here

But as reported in issue 91, that might not work very well.
I would explore the workaround presented in issue 56:

In your ~/.ssh directory, create a "config" file

open ~/.ssh/config in a text editor and put in the following:

Host AHostName -- this will be the name you will be calling in nbgit
User gituser
Hostname SSH IP address --eg --my git server
Port 1234 -- use this if you need custom ports
IdentityFile "path to your private ssh key"

From there, the url can be:

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As this is on Windows7 i get stuck on issue56... – PeterMmm Mar 18 '11 at 21:00
@PeterMmm: this works on Windows7 too: define a HOME variable and make it reference any directory you want. Then launch Netbeans, making sure HOME has been defined first. Your config file will be in %HOME%/.ssh/config (or try also %HOME%/_ssh/config) – VonC Mar 18 '11 at 21:22

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