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I'm using expressionengine to create a documentation site, using the weblog module. I have a number of categories, which contain subcategories. Categories and subcategories contain entries.

I want to create a page for each category that outputs a nested list of all the child entries and subcategories within in that parent category. There should be a breadcrumb at the top that shows the category hierarchy with links to the parent categories.

Here is my code:

<!-- url /docs/category/category_id -->

<!-- Breadcrumb -->
<!-- This works on the page template, but on the category template it shows all the categories -->
{exp:weblog:entries weblog="docs" }
        <a href="{path='/category'}?category_id={category_id}&category_name={category_name}&category_description={category_description}">{category_name}</a> >

<!-- List of Categories -->
<!-- This shows ALL of the categories. I want it to only show the parent category and its children -->

{exp:weblog:categories style="nested"}
    <h1><a href="{path='weblog/category'}"{category_name}</a></h1> 
    {exp:weblog:entries category="{category_id}"}
        <a href="{path='weblog/page'}">{title}</a>
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I don't have time to write the code out for you, but I do have time to point you in (hopefully) the right direction. An ExpressionEngine developer by the name of Laisvunas has created several EE add-ons that deal with EE categories and their relationships to other categories and entries.

I won't link to them all, but his developer page on Devot:ee lists them all. The most popular category add-on that he's created is Child Categories, which does much of what you're looking to do. If his (and other) add-ons can't help you with your problem, feel free to let us know.

Best of luck!

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Thanks. Will check this out and let you know if it works for me. –  Adam Mar 21 '11 at 19:25
This doesn't answer my question. I was looking for a way to write code in expression engine, not for a paid add-on. If there is a way to write an add-on, I should be able to write it myself, but I'm certainly not paying for it. -1 –  Adam Mar 22 '11 at 15:54
Sorry to disappoint, Adam! As a 'warning,' you should be aware that many EE add-ons are commercial (just as EE is). While you could consult the EE API documentation and build your own add-ons when needed, it's often much cheaper to spend < $100 on an add-on than to spend dozens of hours building out the same functionality. EE's core category tags leave a lot to be desired, hence the existence and popularity of the add-ons that I linked to. Best of luck with your project! –  Bitmanic Mar 24 '11 at 1:29
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I have since written a plugin that solves this problem:


Here's how I ended up doing it.

To get a list of subcategories, I pass a URL querystring parameter category_id, and run this:

    {exp:query sql="SELECT cat_id as child_category_id, cat_name AS child_category_name FROM exp_categories WHERE parent_id = '<?php echo addslashes($_GET['category_id']) ?>' ORDER BY category_name ASC"}
        <li><a href="{path=/category/}?category_id={child_category_id}">{child_category_name}</a></li>

It only goes one level deep, but that's the best I could get it to do.

This code outputs all the entries (had to hard code the url):

{exp:weblog:entries category="<?php echo $_GET['category_id'] ?>"}
    <p><a href="/simulate/docs2/index.php/page/{entry_id}">{title}</a></p>

As a side note, I would not recommend using expressionengine for much of anything. For a blog, use Wordpress. For a documentation site, use a wiki. We are going to be switching to a rails site, I think.

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Easily the best plugin for handling outputting categories (as many levels as you like) is GWcode CatMenu which is free.

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