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Does anyone know the ID of Eclipse's Markers view? I'm trying to bind an activity to it to hide from my RCP application.


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Do you mean the "Problem view" by "Markers view"? If so the corresponding ID should be: menu:org.eclipse.ui.views.ProblemView

Moreover there is a cool feature on the Eclipse SDK called "Plugin Spy" that displays informations on the UI you just clicked on (so you can retrieve the corresponding ID). Just hit "Alt+F1" then click on a view. To have same kind of information for the contextual menu actions, hit "Alt+F2" then click on the action you want to spy.

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No, I meant 'Markers View'. But thanks for the plug-in spy tip, the ID is actually org.eclipse.ui.views.AllMarkersView –  lucks Mar 21 '11 at 19:54
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The problem view is different from the markers view. The marker view id is:

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