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I am trying to write a rspec for delayed job.

Currently I use delayed job as follows:

class IncomingMailsController < ApplicationController

Then in /lib/mailing_job.rb:

class MailingJob <
  def perform

How can I test that with rspec? Right now I have:


require 'spec_helper'

describe MailingJob do

  include DelayedJobSpecHelper

  it "should have been worked on if I do something that queues jobs" do
    @incoming_mail = IncomingMail.create(.........)
    MailingJob.should be_worked_on


module DelayedJobSpecHelper
  def work_off
    Delayed::Job.all.each do |job|

But this errors with:

 1) MailingJob should have been worked on if I do something that queues jobs
     Failure/Error: MailingJob.should be_worked_on
       undefined method `worked_on?' for MailingJob:Class
     # ./spec/lib/mailing_job/mailingjob_spec.rb:19

Ideas? Thanks

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You're queueing your job incorrectly in the controller. perform is called by the worker, not by you.


Similarly, don't call perform in your spec, that's what work_off does.

The structure of the spec should be this:

  • Access controller method that queues the job
  • Tell DelayedJob to work off the queue
  • Check to see that it did what it was supposed to do

I'm not sure where be_worked_on comes in, as worked_on? is not defined anywhere in DelayedJob (and indeed, is the cause of your error). I would instead check something was done, like a mail was sent, or whatever your job is supposed to do.

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