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GCalender::IGCalenderSync* pGCalender;
HRESULT hr = CoCreateInstance(__uuidof(GCalender::GCalenderSyncHelper),NULL, 

GCalender::GenericEvent HUGEP *pDeletedEvents;  
GCalender::GenericEvent HUGEP *pUpdatedEvents;  
GCalender::GenericEvent HUGEP *pNewEvents;  

SAFEARRAY* deletedEvents, *updatedEvents, *newEvents;
pGCalender->GetAllEvents(&deletedEvents, &updatedEvents, &newEvents);

hr = SafeArrayAccessData(newEvents, (void HUGEP* FAR*)&pNewEvents);
hr = SafeArrayAccessData(deletedEvents, (void HUGEP* FAR*)&pDeletedEvents);
hr = SafeArrayAccessData(updatedEvents, (void HUGEP* FAR*)&pUpdatedEvents);

in the above code the HR value is 0X8007002 ( system cannot find the file specified) How to resolve this.

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That happens if the COM server for the class id you passed into CoCreateInstance() is registered, but for whatever reason the .dll file or one of its dependencies can't be found. Your best bet is Process Monitor utility - it will let you see what file exactly is missing.

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I created the sample with above its working.. But when i integrate it into the COM DLL project. its not working.. FYI.. if i change the context to CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER to CLSCTX_ALL . cocreateinstance will returns the "class not registered". – Mahantesh Mar 21 '11 at 12:58
@Mahantesh: Process Monitor will be more helpful that trying to guess. – sharptooth Mar 21 '11 at 13:12

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