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Looking at examples that people have coded I see a lot of people using SaveChanges and not using SaveChangesWithRetries. I assume SaveChangesWithRetries is the best thing to do so is there any advantage in just using SaveChanges? Also if I do SaveChangesWithRetries is there anything else that I need to configure or should I just go with defaults?

_LogEntryServiceContext.MergeOption = MergeOption.PreserveChanges; _LogEntryServiceContext.AttachTo("LogEntry", itemToDelete, "*"); _LogEntryServiceContext.DeleteObject(itemToDelete); _LogEntryServiceContext.SaveChanges(); _LogEntryServiceContext.Detach(itemToDelete);



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In general I always use SaveChangesWithRetries - but I do also still have to add my own error handling.

Regardless of which you choose, both methods require you to handle very rare issues/problems:

  • in the case you are saving multiple changes then you need to work out a strategy for when half the changes fail
  • in some rare cases, saves can fail due to connectivity/availability issues
  • in some rare cases, saves can appear to fail due to connectivity issues, but may actually have succeeded - and in this case then retries appear to fail.

The good news is that failures are (in my experience) rare. This isn't good news for "transaction critical" type data, however!

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