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We're thinking of adding an interactive near real-time analytics functionality (a-la "Google Analytics") to our product Movie Recommender Engine Contentwise.

We need to let the user interactively create analyses deciding on a case by case basis the analysis dimensions (e.g. by Genre, by Actor, by Publisher), metrics (e.g. Views, Purchases, Ratings) and the time window of the analysis.

We're considering several options like:

  • charting libraries + custom built
  • reporting engines (e.g. BIRT)
  • OEM interactive analysis tools (e.g. Tableau)

Our solution is Oracle and java-based. The front-end is built using the Liferay Portal framework

What framework can we use to implement embedded interactive analytical functionalities?

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We have used http://www.belladati.com to integrate it into the http://Mercato.belladati.com Data Market Analysis portal. BellaDati let you embedd live charts into your LifeRay portal.


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