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Right now, Textmate uses .erb for this, which means it treats it like a html editor

When i click on the option below to change it, ALL views (.html.erb) are changed to javascript editing

How do i change it to javascript just for the file type .js.erb?

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This article describes the method that TextMate uses to determine file type:


In my setup js.erb files are automatically picked up as JavaScript (Rails) file type. Try opening up the Bundle Editor and navigate to the language definition for "JavaScript (Rails)", you should see a line in there defining file types:

fileTypes = ( 'js.erb' );

If 'js.erb' is not there then try adding it.

I don't remember having to do this manually myself but a quick test confirms that it does control the file type mapping for this kind of file.

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thanks steve! much appreciated =) –  ming yeow Apr 22 '11 at 18:32

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