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For the last two days, I have been asking questions on rank queries in Mysql. So far, I have working queries for

  1. query all the rows from a table and order by their rank.
  2. query ONLY one row with its rank

Here is a link for my question from last night

How to get a row rank?

As you might notice, btilly's query is pretty fast.

Here is a query for getting ONLY one row with its rank that I made based on btilly's query.

set @points = -1; 
set @num = 0;

select * from (

  , points
  , @num := if(@points = points, @num, @num + 1) as point_rank
  , @points := points as dummy
FROM points
ORDER BY points desc, id asc

) as test where = 3

the above query is using am worrying about the performance.

are there any other faster queries that I can use?

Table points

id      points
1   50
2   50
3   40
4   30
5   30
6   20
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Don't get into a panic about subqueries. Subqueries aren't always slow - only in some situations. The problem with your query is that it requires a full scan.

Here's an alternative that should be faster:

FROM points
WHERE points > (SELECT points FROM points WHERE id = 3)

Add an index on id (I'm guessing that you probably you want a primary key here) and another index on points to make this query perform efficiently.

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// Thank you for the input. I just added a sample table with 6 rows. Your query works fine for id #1,2, but I get a different result with id #3. I am expecting 2 as the result, but I get 3. How do I get 2 instead of 3 for id #3? I am getting 3 because there are two records (#1 and #2) that have higher values than #3. –  Moon Mar 19 '11 at 9:10
@Moon: To fix that change COUNT(*) to COUNT(DISTINCT points). See update. –  Mark Byers Mar 19 '11 at 9:13
// Finally!!! I really appreciate your help!!!! Have a great weekend! (I will with your help!!) –  Moon Mar 19 '11 at 9:15
@Moon: You are welcome! –  Mark Byers Mar 19 '11 at 9:19

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