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I have JS object A like:

 { Name, NameFilter, NameType, ..., Desc, DescName, DescType, ... }

I want to build new object B by next rule:
If A contains field AbcFilter, then B.Abc = { value: A.Abc, filter: A.AbcFilter, type: A.AbcType} for each AbcFilter in A.
In other words, I want to iterate over the members of JS object and get only members, which name contains any string and get the field value by it's string name.

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Just iterate normally and check whether the property name contains 'Filter':

var B = {}, i, prefix;

for(var prop in A) {
    if(A.hasOwnProperty(prop)) {
        i = prop.indexOf('Filter');
        if(i > -1) {
            prefix = prop.substr(0, i);
            B[prefix] = {
                value: A[prefix],
                filter: A[prop],
                type: A[prefix+'Type']

Of course this works only under the assumption that 'Filter' is not contained in other property names.

Reference: String.prototype.indexOf, String.prototype.substr

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