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I found some informations about controlling IIS 5.1 from command line via adsutil.vbs ( The utility is available at c:\InetPub\AdminScripts.

The utility throw only errors like the following: ErrNumber: -2147463164 (0x80005004) Error Trying To GET the Schema of the property: IIS://localhost/Schema/ROOT

Can you tell me, how to check if there exists a virtual directory and create it, if it does not exist?

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Hope this helps you.

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I could not comment your post, so I have to write a new message. I was able to use the script CreateWebDir.vbs from your link and use it to create/update my virtual directory with only one call:

CreateWebDir.vbs DirName Path 80

If the virtual directory already exists, it changes the path and that's exactly, what I need. Thank you!

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