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SimpleXMLElement Object
    [status] => 401
    [timestamp] => 1300538073459
    [error-code] => 0
    [message] => [unauthorized]. OAU:ExKlAaxbWSvqj_pAuAU6M3m_0aaRfC5JNayBu2Y26SV4PtxVMRiD6TH0vTm_T2ps|d61f5e9c-e728-4371-af6e-076329912a8e|*01|*01:1300538074:jkwnyl8uBvdM8X7YuWR/1stCxwA=

What level of authorization is required to use this call? I have an OAuth token that's authorized for "Profile + Connections + Messaging" but while my other GET calls are succeeding with header authentication, any attempt to call this function using a POST results in long, cryptic errors such as that one above.

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Why is this tagged "zend"? Please read the tag description. –  Gordon Mar 19 '11 at 12:38
I've retagged under the arrogant assumption that it's ZF being discussed instead of Zend-the-company. Added the outh tag as well. –  Charles Mar 19 '11 at 21:56
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