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i am using 3.5 and, i need a validation expression to validate a string of 1 to 50 characters, white spaces, numbers, special character are all allowed, simply, it should match an nvarchar(50) database field. it will be applied to a textbox, also, the same case but for 1-200 characters which will be validating a multi-line textbox..

Thanks in advance

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Do you mean that it just needs to ensure that there are between 1 and 50/200 characters in the strings?

If so, try these:


Testing for [\s\S] rather than [.] ensures that any newlines in the multiline textarea don't cause problems.

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Yes, also i am accepting any character that can be stored in an nvarchar database field. – Maen Feb 12 '09 at 8:32

Have you looked at the following site which provides extensive tutorials and examples on regular expressions :-

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