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I have a Facelets(JSF 1.2 (myfaces)) web app and I want to customize my error page - which would seem to be a natural thing to do when an application matures. I got really confused in the process.

I found the following:

  • I haven't found a way to customize Facelets' error page. I haven't found where the template is. I have found solutions with overriding the ViewHandler that would do sendRedirect(). I think this should be accomplishable without writing code, especially the ViewHandler.

  • I have found a way to switch off Facelets' error handling and using myFaces' one:



Unfortunately I cannot seem to make myFaces find a JSF page. I need to use a jsf page because I want to use the site's layout which is fragmented over a few templates. Source: http://wiki.apache.org/myfaces/Handling_Server_Errors

  • I tried a tomahawk solution:






Source: http://wiki.apache.org/myfaces/Handling_Server_Errors

  • I found that I can use the container's error-handling via <error-page> in web.xml. I successfully forwarded to a jsf error page. Here the problem is that I cannot display the Exception - I don't know how.

Update: I found out how - with a ManagedBean:

public class ErrorDisplayBean {
    public String getStackTrace() {
        FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
        Map requestMap = context.getExternalContext().getRequestMap();
        Throwable ex = (Throwable) requestMap.get("javax.servlet.error.exception");

see http://wiki.apache.org/myfaces/Handling_Server_Errors for the rest of the code.

What I want to accomplish: I want to use Facelets' error-handling mechanism without writing code and be able to display the Exception on a jsf page. If that is not possible, I'd like to use myFaces' error-handling again with displayin the Exception. I think one of them should be possible.

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I think you can still make of configuration through your web.xml:


Which can be used for error codes too..

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I am far away from this project now and cannot (don't want to) test, but since you spent the time to answer the question, you win the reward :) –  mist Mar 6 '12 at 15:21

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