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I have 4 tables and need to write a linq query to pull information from all tables!

Here is the table structure:


  • printerID
  • PrinterName


  • TemplateID
  • TemplateCategoryID
  • TemplateName


  • TemplatecategoryID
  • TemplatecategoryName


  • DataID
  • PrinterID
  • TemplateID
  • CreatedDate
  • IsProcessedDate

The information I want is:

PrinterName, TemplateCategory, TemplateName, Data-CreatedDate, Data-IsprocessedDate.

I'm all new to linq and cannot recognize the way to solve this. Much appriciated if anyone has any comment on this.

Thanks alot, Finn.

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setup the primary/foreign keys in the DB you'll not need to write a single Join statement – Guillaume86 Mar 19 '11 at 17:09

with some assumptions, add your context reference:

from d in Data
join t in Tempalte on d.TemplateID equals t.TempateID
join tc in TemplateCategory on t.TemplateCategoryID equals tc.TemplateCategoryID
join p in Printer on d.PrinterID equals p.PrinterID
select new
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