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I was reading through the documentation of Factory Girl and came across this code block.

#The behavior of the association method varies depending on the build strategy used for the parent object.

#Builds and saves a User and a Post
post = FactoryGirl.create(:post)
post.new_record?       # => false # => false

# Builds and saves a User, and then builds but does not save a Post
post =
post.new_record?       # => true # => false

I'm new to Factory Girl, but shouldn't the first code example return true for new_record? I'm confused why it returns false if the post is built and saved.

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new_record?() public
Returns true if this object hasn’t been saved yet — that is, a record for the object doesn’t exist yet; otherwise, returns false.
This method is deprecated on the latest stable version of Rails.

Oops, looks like the link was broken. Fixed. new_record?

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Ahh. I see. It's a pretty confusing term, so I'm glad it's deprecated. I guess they haven't gotten around to update the docs yet. – picardo Mar 19 '11 at 15:03

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