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Rails/Heroku/Git newbie - here is my question. I have an app deployed with Heroku and am using the git repository hosted there as the only remote copy of my local work. I start making changes locally on a new branch and want to make this branch available on Heroku so that I can continue work on it from another computer. Heroku ignores branches other than master and I don't want to merge my changes yet (or push them as master). Is there a way to store/access my new branch via my Heroku git repository, or is it better to have another remote git repository for my work in progress.


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If you could get Heroku to keep some other ref, would you really want to risk them deleting the extra refs without notice after finding that you skirted their “nothing but master” policy? You should really consider finding a fully functional Git-hosting service. –  Chris Johnsen Mar 20 '11 at 10:39

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You can push a local branch to the remote git server with:

git push origin branch_name

That way, you can pull it down again elsewhere with:

git checkout -b branch_name origin/branch_name

http://gitready.com/beginner/2009/02/02/push-and-delete-branches.html http://gitready.com/intermediate/2009/01/09/checkout-remote-tracked-branch.html

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I would go with a separate git repository as suggested - github.com or similar. Store your code there and deploy to Heroku's master repo - Heroku is a hosting platform afterall not a home for your repos.

ALTERNATIVELY Make use of dropbox and create your local workspace in a dropbox folder that is synced across multiple computers - I employ this method as well as git - plus you get the advantage that Dropbox is versioned so if you delete/change a file that you haven't committed yet you can get it back.

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