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I have a Google TV developer's box from Google and I'm trying to install an Android app on the Google TV box. How do I do this?

I'm developing using Eclipse and Java.

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At the moment according to the FAQS of Google TV,

Question: Can I install Android applications from a URL? (since there is no Android Market)

Answer: Application downloads are not officially supported. Only pre-installed applications are available at present.


So you cannot install your applications or download other applications from the Market at the moment. You can only use the already installed applications in Google TV.

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There are many ways of doing it:

  1. Copy your applications to dropbox, open them on your TV and install.
  2. Copy your apps on the USB stick, install
  3. Go to Market, some apps are available

I have done all of the above

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If you received your device through one of the developer offers that Google had in 2010, its just a regular retail box. At this time there is no OFFICIAL way of getting your own app on a Google TV device. The goal was to test your website with the device so it looks good. However given that there is a session at Google IO 2011 with the title "Building Android Apps for Google TV" Google IO 2011 Sessions I would think that some form of Android SDK support is coming.

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Not true! YOu can do it! Search for your Android MArket app on your phone, pull it and copy over your system

then, adb connect ip:port, adb install your app,

that's all, I did it...

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What port did you use? –  jeffamaphone Aug 16 '11 at 16:33
Ah, if you don't specify a port it figures it out magically. –  jeffamaphone Sep 1 '11 at 22:56

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