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I'm currently working on a largish Ruby on Rails project. It's old enough and big enough that it's not clear if all views are actually in use.

Is there any script/plugin out there that can generate a list of unused view files?

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I wrote a script to find unused partials/views. I assumed, though, that "unused" means that a view-file is present for which no controller-method is defined (any more). The script does not check whether the view is called because there is no link from the default-route to it. This would have been far more complex.

Place the following script in the application's script folder:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'config/environment'
(Dir['app/controllers/*.rb'] - ['app/controllers/application.rb']).each do |c|
  require c
  base = File.basename(c, '.rb')
  views = Hash.new
  Dir["app/views/#{base.split('_')[0]}/*"].each do |v|
    views.store(File.basename(v).split('.')[0], v)
  unused_views = views.keys - Object.const_get(base.camelcase).public_instance_methods - ApplicationController.public_instance_methods
  puts "Unused views for #{base.camelcase}:" if unused_views.size > 0
  unused_views.each { |v| puts views[v] }

It is kinda hackish and unfinished, but it does the job - at least for me.

Execute it like this (you only need to change the execute-bit the first time with chmod):

chmod +x script/script_name


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You should require config/environment. At least I had to, because we use gettext. Then you can also remove the next line (requiring rubygems, etc.) –  ujh Feb 12 '09 at 9:44
It also doesn't handle partials and stuff like render :action => "view". But it's a good start. –  ujh Feb 12 '09 at 9:48

Take a look at the following script on GitHub http://github.com/vinibaggio/discover-unused-partials

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Iterate through your partials, grep (or awk) the project for the name of the file. Adjust your search regex to look for "render :partial" at beginning of line for generic partials (eg, "_form").

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:partial is optionnal now so this doesn't apply at all now –  Dorian Apr 3 '14 at 18:21

Just install and run the discover-unused-partials gem:

gem install discover-unused-partials

discover-unused-partials rails_root_directory
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