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In Webkit browsers, an input[type=number] has a spinbox control:

spinbox control in webkit browsers

However, Safari does not follow some other input[type=number] rules, like enforcing that only numeric characters are entered. Hence, Modernizr detects that Safari does not support input[type=number].

I have very particular needs for number-input width, and when there's a spinbox I make the width 2.7em and without it (like in Firefox), the width need only be 1.7em. So Chrome and Firefox both look fine. But Safari puts in a spinbox but doesn't follow any other rules, so it gets the 1.7em width and looks like this:

number input in Safari

I only care if there's a spinbox control. I don't care about any of the other input[type=number] rules that Safari is flouting. Safari is playing by the only rule I care about. How do I detect that?

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This is just a guess, but could you try determining the width of the input, change it to type "number", remeasure the width and see if it has changed? I doubt that's gonna work, but it's an idea. –  Tower Apr 17 '11 at 15:33

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I suggest hiding the spinbox when Modernizr doesn't detect support for number inputs:


if (!Modernizr.inputtypes.number) {


.no-number-input input::-webkit-outer-spin-button,
.no-number-input input::-webkit-inner-spin-button {
    -webkit-appearance: none;
    margin: 0; 

If you really want to detect whether the spinbox is visible you can do something like:

window.getComputedStyle(input, '-webkit-inner-spin-button').getPropertyValue('-webkit-appearance') != 'none'

where input is a "raw" element, although this may not be very reliable, e.g. in Safari for Windows.

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if (Modernizr.inputtypes.number) {
} else {
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That's essentially what I'm doing now. Modernizr is smart enough to see that Safari doesn't actually support the number input, since Safari doesn't enforce that only numbers be entered. This is the root of the problem. Safari does put in the spin box control, and that's all I want to check for. –  chadoh Mar 26 '11 at 17:11

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