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I have a forum which allows users to enter large amounts of text along with (sanitized) html (and/or markdown) and links, etc. Everything is sanitised and checked before it is stored in the database.

Would it be a good idea to use gzcompress. I've heard that it is not good if you intend to search this text. Should I compress the content before saving it to the database and use only the title and tags for searching, or does it not matter?

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Well, answer this: What advantages, if any, does using gzcompress add in this scenario? Theoretical "because it shrinks data" doesn't count unless it can be justified with a good use-case -- e.g. is database space really at a premium (and does the compression of data reduce usage to within functional-requirements)? Is the reduced IO required to meet functional-requirements (assuming it does increase performance)? The more little "optimizations" like this, the harder the data/model is to work with. – user166390 Mar 19 '11 at 17:31

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I would store the content as text. Then, if space becomes a problem, you can explore an optimization like this later.

You may find this discussion worth reading: Planning for efficiency early vs Premature optimization

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