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client got a project back from another programmer who wrote it in as2 (i don't know why) I just need to add in some tracking code for button clicks to the fla file. here's the code that's currently in as3 that needs to go to as2:

    var trackingURL:String = "";

var variables:URLVariables = new URLVariables();    

// TODO: Insert Event-specific fields below
variables.value1 = "";
variables.value2 = "";  

var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(trackingURL + "?cacheKiller=" + (new Date()).getTime());
request.data = variables;
request.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;
var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
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...and what is your question? –  weltraumpirat Mar 19 '11 at 23:01

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var trackingURL = "";

var trackInfo = new LoadVars();

trackInfo.value1 = "";
trackInfo.value2 = "";

var myDate = new Date();
trackInfo.send(trackingURL + "?cacheKiller=" + (myDate.UTC), "_self", "POST");

You obviously need to populate trackingURL, value1 and value2

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worked like a charm thanks! dont' know why I couldn't figure that out. –  Kast Mar 19 '11 at 23:52
@Kast I'm glad! You may wish to mark this as the correct answer if your issue is now resolved. –  Trevor Boyle Mar 20 '11 at 10:06

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