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For static methods in Java, the parameter cannot have the same name as a global static variable. Is there a convention for naming the parameter? ...just a curiosity.

private static volatile int metBetYetPetLetJet = 8675309;

public static void setMetBetYetPetLetJet (int metBetYetPetLetJet0) { metBetYetPetLetJet = metBetYetPetLetJet0; }

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Although the language allows the parameter to have the same name as the member -- as noted below -- that introduces a risk of confusion and error. – Andy Thomas Mar 21 '11 at 1:05
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you can give the same name. and the rule applies same as for the member variable's name. here: instead of this you have to refer the variable with the class name.

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underdog,/.,/., – farm ostrich Mar 19 '11 at 20:09

The parameter absolutely can have the same name:

public class Foo {

    private static volatile int metBetYetPetLetJet = 8675309

    public static void setMetBetYetPetLetJet (int metBetYetPetLetJet) {
        Foo.metBetYetPetLetJet = metBetYetPetLetJet;

Alternatively, I often just use value as the parameter name for a setter. That may be the influence of C# though :) Another option is newValue.

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