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There is probably a simple response to this, but I've scoured the net trying to find an answer.

Imagine the following JSON data ($json):

{'Top': [{  'Mid1': 'Value1',
            'Mid2': 'Value2',
            'Mid3': [   {'Bottom': 'Value3'},
                        {'Bottom': 'Value4'},
                        {'Bottom': 'Value5'},]

What I'd like to do is loop through the data contained within Mid3, so that I can display Bottom1, Bottom2, etc.. so I thought this would work:

foreach($json->Top->Mid3 as $item)
echo $item->Bottom;

But I've had no luck with this either. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong, have the feeling I'm missing a fundamental PHP rule.

Thank you!


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Your foreach is looking for Mid3 elements and not there child nodes.


foreach($json->Top->Mid3->Bottom as $item)
   echo $item;
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Thank you! I actually had it right, but didn't manage to solve more detailed ones, i.e. a group within a group within a group, etc.. where the information is quite deep. Still trying to figure out how to use ...->group[0]->... but running into walls to finally get to my chunk of information (which I want to loop). –  Noel Tock Mar 19 '11 at 22:37

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