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With the myriad of sites available like sourceforge, github, berlios, rubyforge and many others for hosting open-source projects, I've been wondering if there is a specialised search engine out there that catalogues all the projects available on these different sites.

I'm not talking about a search engine to search actual source code like koders or google codesearch, but something that catalogues the projects themselves.

An example would be if I was searching for an open source file comparison/merge utility. I might put "file compare" into this search engine and get a bunch of matching projects back. I might even be able to narrow the search based on operating system, implementation language, license or other criteria.

The closest I can think of is freshmeat, although in that case project owners have to submit the information to freshmeat, it doesn't spider out the info itself. Krugle does have a "Open Source Projects" tab, but whenever I click on it the page reloads, so that's not real helpful...

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There is http://www.ohloh.net In a wiki-like manner, somebody has to submit a information about a project. Then their crawler takes over and presents data about the project.

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Looks interesting! Thanks. –  Evan Mar 26 '09 at 3:52
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