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this is my trigger

ALTER trigger [dbo].[addpay]
on [dbo].[pays]
after insert
declare @idtutor int
set @idtutor =(select idtutor from inserted)
insert into pays (idtutor,nopay,datex,paythismonth)values (@idtutor,600,GETDATE(),'no')

but it doesn't add a new pays after inserted a tutor... i dont watch any bug, mistake, why doesn't it work

my tables

create table Tutor
[IdTutor] int primary key identity not null,
[Nombre] varchar(150) not null,
[ApellidoPaterno] varchar (150) not null,
[ApellidoMaterno] varchar (150) not null, 
[EstadoCivil] varchar (10) not null,
[FechaNacimiento] varchar(50),
[Municipio] varchar(150) not null,
[Estado] varchar(150) not null,
[Direccion] varchar(250) not null,
[Sexo] varchar (9) not null,
[TelefonoTutor] char(10) not null,
[CelularTutor] char(15) not null,
[EmailTutor] char(50) not null,
[Empresa] varchar(150) not null,
[Ocupacion] varchar(250) not null,
[DireccionEmpresa] varchar (250) not null,
[TelefonoEmpresa] char(10) not null,
[CelularEmpresa] char(15) not null,
[EmailEmpresa] varchar(50) not null

create table pays
idpay int primary key not null identity,
idtutor int not null,
nopay float,
datex datetime,
paythismonth varchar(2)
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Well it won't work correctly at all for multi row inserts. Are you saying that it also doesn't work for single row inserts? Also are you sure you have created it on the correct table? Which table are you doing the insert of a tutor on? It seems odd that the trigger for insert on pays would insert another new row to pays. Is that definitely the desired effect? – Martin Smith Mar 19 '11 at 19:33
@Martin i created it in pays table, isn't it ok, there? i want when i add a tutor automatically it adds a row in a pays table – angel Mar 19 '11 at 19:37
You would need to create it on the table that you are inserting the tutor to. Is that a different table? If so what is the structure of that table? – Martin Smith Mar 19 '11 at 19:39
@Martin yes it is another table i will add tables in code .. – angel Mar 19 '11 at 19:42
BTW I'm not sure if you get notification of answer edits. I forgot to add SET NOCOUNT ON to my original answer. – Martin Smith Mar 19 '11 at 20:11
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You need to create the trigger on the table for where you want it to fire when a new record is inserted (Tutor in this case).

Additionally you need to remember that inserts/update statements can affect multiple rows so assigning to scalar variables won't work. The trigger you need is

ON [dbo].[Tutor]

      INSERT INTO pays
      SELECT idtutor,
      FROM   inserted

You will also need to drop the other trigger in your question with DROP TRIGGER [dbo].[addpay]

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