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I am testing HTML5 geolocation code inside a WebWorks application for BlackBerry Playbook, using the 0.9.4 Simulator in VMWare Player. Here's the code:

navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(geolocationSuccess, geolocationError, options);

Launching the application gives a popup saying:

Geolocation Request local:// wants to access your location.

When I click "OK" this always results in a callback to the error handler function geolocationError, never the success handler.

The webpage works fine in Firefox 3.6.15 on Win 7.

Is there any way to test a successful geolocation request inside a WebWorks application in the Playbook simulator?


  • Geolocation works in the Playbook web Browser, so you can test your application as a web page in the Browser.
  • I asked about this issue at a BlackBerry Developer Day and they confirmed this restriction. I asked them to publish a list of known limitations, they said they would look into it.
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The simulator as of 0.9.4 still has no support for geolocation, according to the AIR SDK Release Notes. It's likely the same limitations apply in this case.

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