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I'm new to rails, so I'll just explain my situation to you:

I've got a User Model and a UsersController. Users log in with their email address and a password. Special users can invite other users, by typing the email address of the invitee into a form and hitting submit. The invited user then receives a mail containing a link to activate his account, by entering his password for the first time.

Here's the problem:

The "invitation" form is mapped to the create action of my UsersController atm. But what do I map the "activation" form to?

Is it possible for me to define a custom action "activate" or something that can be accessed like /users/3/activate (of course, there should be some authentication token here too...) and would activate the user with id 3?

I've found some stuff on custom actions, but I don't quite get the hang of it yet.

Thx for any help

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You probably have something like this in your routes file. (If not, please post that.)

resources :users 

If you want to add a custom action that acts on a single User, you can add that as a :member like this.

resources :users do
  member do
    get :activate

Note that using a get for something that modifies data is a bit wrong, but you're talking about hitting this from a link in an email.

As you play with routes don't forget that rake routes will show you all of the routes that you currently have available to you.

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Hm I just realized that I'll need a GET action for accessing the user activation form from the email link and a POST for actually actually activating the user. thx for the help, I'll give this a try –  DeX3 Mar 19 '11 at 21:10

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