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How can i check the inputs below:

  for($i = 0; $i < 9; $++){
echo "<input type='text' name='{$i}[qty]'>";

now my qustion is how can i check the unkown input name if the value is bigger then 10 or smaller then 1 ?

thanks for helping

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You did explain too little about your usage or the rest of your form structure. But generally you don't want to name the fields not with a number first, but the other way around:

print "<input type='text' name='qty[$i]'>";
   // would also work with just 'qty[]' in most cases

This way it becomes a very simple indexed array upon receival in PHP which you can traverse with:

   // or
foreach ($_REQUEST["qty"] as $i => $qty) {

This way you wont miss either larger indexes than 10 or those below 0 - although you really should avoid negative indexes. (Not because it doesn't work, but it's probably an unoptimal methodology.)

If you use these qty form fields of part of another group, then you want to use the same array[$i] naming for all of them. Thus when you foreach over the loop you can access all in groups: $_REQUEST["qty"][$i] belongs to $_REQUEST["product"][$i] for example.

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Good answer. You can do <input type="text" name="qty[]" /> and PHP handles the index assignation. Good luck! – Gonzalo Larralde Mar 19 '11 at 23:44

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