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I have this problem and i want it that when a user enters a lower case word. I want my program to take lower case strings in array and upper case strings in an array.

   The ObjectSelectionSorter class provides a public static
   method for performing a selection sort on an numbers of
   objects that implement the Comparable interface.

public class ObjectSelectionSorter

      The selectionSort method performs a selection sort on an
      numbers of objects that implement the Comparable interface.
      @param numbers The numbers to sort.

   public static void selectionSort(Comparable[] numbers)
      int startScan;       // Starting position of the scan
      int index;           // To hold a subscript value
      int minIndex;        // Element with smallest value in the scan
      Comparable minValue; // The smallest value found in the scan

      // The outer loop iterates once for each element in the
      // numbers. The startScan variable marks the position where
      // the scan should begin.
      for (startScan = 0; startScan < (numbers.length-1); startScan++)
         // Assume the first element in the scannable area
         // is the smallest value.
         minIndex = startScan;
         minValue = numbers[startScan];

         // Scan the numbers, starting at the 2nd element in
         // the scannable area. We are looking for the smallest
         // value in the scannable area. 
         for(index = startScan + 1; index < numbers.length; index++)
            if (numbers[index].compareTo(minValue) < 0)
               minValue = numbers[index];
               minIndex = index;

         // Swap the element with the smallest value 
         // with the first element in the scannable area.
         numbers[minIndex] = numbers[startScan];
         numbers[startScan] = minValue;


   This program demonstrates the search method in
   the IntBinarySearcher class.

public class BinarySearchTest
   public static void main(String [] args) throws IOException
      int result;
      String searchValue;
      String input;

      // An array of numbers to search.
      String[] numbers = {"Jake", "Jerry", "Bill", "Lousie", "Goku", "Ivan", "John", "Sarah", "Kim"};

      // Create the console input objects.
      InputStreamReader reader =
                 new InputStreamReader(;
      BufferedReader keyboard =
                 new BufferedReader(reader);

      // First we must sort the array in ascending order.

         // Get a value to search for.
         System.out.print("Enter a value to search for: ");
         input = keyboard.readLine();
         searchValue = input;

         // Search for the value
          result =, searchValue);
                    // Display the results.
        if (result == -1)
           System.out.println(searchValue + " was not found.");
           System.out.println(searchValue + " was found at " +
                              "element " + result);

        // Does the user want to search again?
        System.out.print("Do you want to search again? (Y or N): ");
        input = keyboard.readLine();
      } while (input.charAt(0) == 'y' || input.charAt(0) == 'Y');

   The StringBinarySearcher class provides a public static
   method for performing a binary search on an String array.

public class ObjectBinarySearcher{

      The search method performs a binary search on an String
      array. The array is searched for the number passed to
      value. If the number is found, its array subscript is
      returned. Otherwise, -1 is returned indicating the
      value was not found in the array.
      @param numbers The array to search.
      @param value The value to search for.

   public static int search(String[] numbers, String value)
      int first;       // First array element
      int last;        // Last array element
      int middle;      // Mid point of search
      int position;    // Position of search value
      boolean found;   // Flag     

      // Set the initial values.
      first = 0;
      last = numbers.length - 1;
      position = -1;
      found = false;

      // Search for the value.
      while (!found && first <= last)
         // Calculate mid point
         middle = (first + last) / 2;

         // If value is found at midpoint...
         if (numbers[middle].equals(value))
            found = true;
            position = middle;

         // else if value is in lower half...
         // need tell is value is less then the integer?, with out using equality regulators
         else if (value.compareTo(numbers[middle]) < 0)

            last = middle - 1;
         // else if value is in upper half....
            first = middle + 1;

      // Return the position of the item, or -1
      // if it was not found.

      return position;
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Please ask a specific question about a specific part of your code. – Gabe Mar 19 '11 at 23:46
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Try this:

String[] numbers = {"Jerry"};
numbers[0] = numbers[0].toUpperCase();
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There's string.toUpperCase() and Character.toUpperCase(char). The former returns a string that is the upper-case version of the given string, and the latter returns the uppercase version of a char. (I'm giving the latter because you mention an array, and it might be an array of chars that you mean)

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