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I have this code here within a class:

    function getRolePerms($role)
        if (is_array($role))
            $roleSQL = "SELECT * FROM `role_perms` WHERE `roleID` IN (" . implode(",",$role) . ") ORDER BY `ID` ASC";
        } else {
            $roleSQL = "SELECT * FROM `role_perms` WHERE `roleID` = " . floatval($role) . " ORDER BY `ID` ASC";
        $perms = array();
        while($row = $this->database->result->fetch_assoc())
            $pK = strtolower($this->getPermKeyFromID($row['permID']));
            if ($pK == '') { continue; }
            if ($row['value'] === '1') {
                $hP = true;
            } else {
                $hP = false;
            $perms[$pK] = array('perm' => $pK,'inheritted' => true,'value' => $hP,'Name' => $this->getPermNameFromID($row['permID']),'ID' => $row['permID']);
        return $perms;

The var_dump() for $roleSQL is:


and for $pK:


When running the query in the database directly i get a result with 8 rows. Why is it that the loop does not recognize the multiple rows. Also if i add the statement:


It dumps the array of the first row then the loop does the second row.

Im really baffled,

Please help

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The culprit is this line here:

$perms[$pK] = array('perm' => $pK,'inheritted' => true,'value' => $hP,'Name' => $this->getPermNameFromID($row['permID']),'ID' => $row['permID']);

What happens is that all of the 8 rows you expect result in $pK == 'Admin'. When you do $perms[$pK] = array(...), each one of the 8 loop iterations ends up writing to the same array key. In the end, there is only one value in the array.

If you change it to

$perms[] = array(...);

it should work as expected, because each iteration will add a new array element with a unique integer key.

Side note:

Avoid doing this:

$roleSQL = "SELECT * FROM `role_perms` WHERE `roleID` = " . floatval($role) ...

Since roleID surely is an integer, use the right tool for the job: intval($role).

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each value of $pK will be different. Also, there is the var_dump() within the loop, and in theory that should be executed 8 times, but it is not. –  FraserK Mar 20 '11 at 0:19
@FraserK: Then it's obvious that the error is something having to do with $this->database->result, which you don't give. –  Jon Mar 20 '11 at 0:21
$this->database->result is a mysqli object. Like i stated above I can call var_dump($this->database->result->fetch_assoc()); 8 times and it will dump the 8 rows. But the loop will not work like it should and i know the loop should work because this code while($row = $database->result->fetch_assoc()){ print_r($row); } works perfectly fine on another page. :) –  FraserK Mar 20 '11 at 0:37
@FraserK: Is there any chance the continue in there gets executed when it shouldn't be? –  Jon Mar 20 '11 at 3:21
nah, i commented it out and it makes no difference –  FraserK Mar 20 '11 at 3:45
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Lol the answer actually lies outside the loop.

Calling this function $this->getPermKeyFromID($row['permID']) actually override the results from the database as it was using the same database object. I fixed it by storing the results in a separate variable local to that loop.

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