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I'm using MySQL workbench to import a Joomla sample_data.sql file into my local database. I want it to continue importing, even if an error occurs, by skipping the line that caused the error.

Is there something I can prefix the SQL with to prevent the query from halting at any errors?

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mysql --force < sample_data.sql 

Mysql help section says

 -f, --force         Continue even if we get an sql error.
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In MySQL Workbench, I unticked the option under Query to "Stop Script Execution on Errors":

enter image description here

It looks like Zimbabao's answer will work also.

In newer versions use 'Toggle whether execution of SQL script should continue after failed statements'

Toggle whether execution of SQL script should continue after failed statements

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Thank you for the tip! Saved a lot of time. –  André Luiz Müller Mar 10 '13 at 3:02

You could also use INSERT IGNORE

 (primaryKey, field1, field2)
 ('1', 1, 2),
 ('1', 3, 4), //will not be inserted
 ('2', 5, 6); //will be inserted
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