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I've just installed Redis by following the instructions here:

When I run redis-server redis.conf I get the following error:

Reading the configuration file, at line 135
>>> 'slave-serve-stale-data yes'
Bad directive or wrong number of arguments


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Isn't this issue your problem?

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he says he had an older Redis in the path and that was causing the problem. I just installed Redis a few hours ago, only version 2.2.2 – John Mar 20 '11 at 10:02
So there is no chance that you have other version of redis prior to 2.2.2 on your system? – yojimbo87 Mar 20 '11 at 10:13
I hadn't installed any but I guess there already was one.. fixed with running src/redis-server instead of redis-server – John Mar 20 '11 at 10:18

I had this problem, too, and had to manually copy files into place after the build.

cd ~/redis-2.4.15
mkdir redis-1.2.4-backup

sudo mv /usr/bin/redis-* ~/redis-2.4.15/redis-1.2.4-backup/ ;

sudo mv src/redis-benchmark /usr/bin/ ;
sudo mv src/redis-check-aof /usr/bin/ ;
sudo mv src/redis-check-dump /usr/bin/ ;
sudo mv src/redis-cli /usr/bin/ ;
sudo mv src/redis-server /usr/bin/ ;

sudo chown root /usr/bin/redis-* ;

I put the ; at the ends of the lines because sometimes I want to join things into a single line of shell commands.

Make sure the rest of your stuff is setup, like init.d, conf and log files.

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where trying to install make sure you have necessary read/write permissions. on ubuntu make sure you run like

sudo make install
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Same problem I had,

Firstly I tried to compile and install. But wont work. Secondly, I added epel repo and use yum install redis.

The problem is the remaining files/folders have conflict.

So, clean all of your previous installation/s and start a clean one.

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