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I planning to do web site like groupon.com. But I am wondering how it would be easier and faster...

I am planning to choose Drupal CMS or Symfony framework.

PS. I am new in Drupal and Sympony.

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PHP frameworks are a great way for developers of all skill levels to reduce the need for repetitive coding, speed up the development process, and to ensure proper coding when creating web applications. This not only speeds up the development of rich applications, but it also tightens up PHP security by reducing the risk of security holes in your coding..

While not really a CMS, the Symfony framework allows us to custom build anything that can’t be done with the tools above.Symfony is a PHP framework that provides an architecture for developers to build complex web applications faster.

One big gain ISTM with Symfony is that the caching and overall performance does seem rather better. Another benefit of Symfony is being able to tailor your application to the users' needs. Of course this comes with the (possibly considerable) extra development effort.

Drupal has an extensively flexible core that can be used to build modules to do just about anything you might want.

Each framework has it's pro's and con's. For choosing one, you need to decide what you want.

Some of the useful links :

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