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Could you recommend any open source (apart from eclipse) CUDA IDE that can be used directly (no additioanl plugins, etc)?

PS: therey is also any online-cloud CUDA IDE? (I found http://ideone.com/8lYvf, but not valid for CUDA)

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You can use QT-Creator, it works quite well in combination with cmake:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.6.2)


#In case findCUDA.cmake wasn't found, download it from here
# https://gforge.sci.utah.edu/gf/project/findcuda/scmsvn/?action=browse&path=%2F*checkout*%2Ftrunk%2FFindCuda.html 
# and put it into SOURCE_DIR/CMake

#### Cuda 
# find_package(CUDA)
find_package(CUDA 3 QUIET REQUIRED)
# find_package(CUDA 2.1)
# find_package(CUDA 2.2)
# find_package(CUDA 2.3)
# find_package(CUDA 2.1 REQUIRED)
# find_package(CUDA 2.2 REQUIRED)
# find_package(CUDA 2.3 REQUIRED)
# find_package(CUDA 2.1 EXACT)
# find_package(CUDA 2.2 EXACT)
# find_package(CUDA 2.3 EXACT)
# find_package(CUDA 2.1 EXACT REQUIRED)
# find_package(CUDA 2.2 EXACT REQUIRED)
# find_package(CUDA 2.3 EXACT REQUIRED)
# find_package(CUDA 2.2 EXACT QUIET REQUIRED)

message(" * CUDA ${CUDA_VERSION} was found")
    message(" * CUDA is not found")
    message(FATAL_ERROR "Not all CUDA libraries are found")

cuda_add_executable(GPU_PROJECT ${SRCS})
target_link_libraries(GPU_PRJECT ${SOME_LIBRARY})

If you want to have additional debug functionalities, replace gdb with cuda-gdb in the QT-Creator config.

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Here is a guide on how to configure Netbeans for CUDA development.

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You should be able to use Visual C++ Express (Not Open Source but Free)

If you are using CUDA 3.2 You will need VC++ 2008 If you are using CUDA 4.0RC You can use VC++ 2010

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