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I'm trying implement a In-app billing. I'm with a doubt about constants. What is class have the BILLING_REQUEST, API_VERSION and PACKAGE_NAME constants?

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I don't know off-hand, but have you checked out the sample application? If those constants are needed for in-app billing to work, they should be in there.

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These are just strings you could make your own class and reference them from there:

public class Constants {

    // These are the names of the fields in the request bundle.
    public static final String BILLING_REQUEST = "BILLING_REQUEST";
    public static final String API_VERSION = "API_VERSION";
    public static final String PACKAGE_NAME = "PACKAGE_NAME";


They are in the SampleApplication as stated by @James

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To follow up I've included this in a tutorial: – Blundell May 11 '12 at 16:33

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