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I would like to stress (not sure this is the right word, but keep reading) the [POST] actions of my controllers. Does a tool exist that would generate many scenarios, like omitting fields, adding some, generating valid and invalid values, injecting attacks, and so on ? Thx

Update: I don't want to benchmark/performance test my site. Just automatically filling/tampering forms and see what happens

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Not sure what you mean. Do you want the tool to generate the requests automatically and randomly, or do you want it to replay the scenarios that you yourself create? – Matthew Farwell Feb 19 '09 at 9:25
right, automatically and randomly. – Nicolas Cadilhac Feb 19 '09 at 20:12

WebInspect from Spidynamics (HP bought them).

I've used this one in my previous job (I recommended it to my employer at the time) and I was overwhelmed with the amount of info and testing I could do with it.


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Apache JMeter, is more likely to benchmark/stress itself rather than your site. I was recently pointed twards Faban which can be used for very simple and more complex tests and scenarios, its very performant. Also, take a look at OpenSTA and WebLoad both free and powerful with capabilities to record and replay complex scenarios.

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Apache JMeter might fit the bill?

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Have you seen CrossBow Web Stress Tester over at CodePlex?

  • supports get and post operations
  • you specify the number of threads, requests, waits, and timeouts
  • reads a txt file with name/value pairs for posting values

You'd have to download & modify the source if you wanted to generate random data for your Post variables.

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Build one yourself by using WebClient with HtmlAgilityPack. Use agilitypack to parse your html and get the form, then just randomly fill the fields and make POSTs

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