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hope someone can help me. I have something programed in python. That uses a lot of libraries. So I created a virtual environment with virtualenv and copied every file is needed in this environment. Then I used Platypus to create an .app. Of corse the app isn't working, because if you use otool -L on a .so or .dylib then the linking points to the original install location. Know I can use install_name_tool and set the new absolute path, the app works now, but is not relocatable. After a bit reading I find out, that you can set -rpath for Mac OS X 10.5+. So I changed the paths to @rpath/lib/...dylib and startet the app with

-rpath @loader_path/../Resources/virt1

But it isn't working. So I'm missing something or doing something wrong?

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If you are trying to build the libraries as Frameworks you can have a look here. http://www.memention.com/blog/2011/01/27/Frameworks-within.html

You can also have a look here in the old Qt doc for shared libraries if you want to handle this manually.


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