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Just download the thing today and read all tutorials available on their site with no luck. I did place Facebook.dll from Facebook folder to my BIN, don't know what configurations should be written in web.config?

Any kind of help would be nice...


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If you have VS 2010 or Visual Web Developer 2010 and nuget, you might find some of the facebook nuget packages help you get started. Doing a search for facebook in nuget brings up 5 packages that are all 5.0.6. I haven't tried any myself, but it would be where I would start.

Nuget packages will typically put any of the configuration bits into web.config and reference any dlls that they need.

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thanks for input. Seems noone can make the thing to work either using nuget or old fashioned way... – eugeneK Mar 22 '11 at 13:44

I get an error using nuget and can't get the app to start by copying .dll to /bin and adding some lines in the web.config. Is there a documentation on what settings are needed in web.config? I can't find any reference to that.

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