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  1. gem: package management.
  2. bundler: dependency management
  3. rspec: test framework.
  4. watchr: autotest tool
  5. yard: documentation tool.
  6. rdoc Markdown: markdown for writing code's comment.
  7. rvm: Ruby version Manager.
  8. rake: task tool.

I want to find some tools in Python can do the job describe above.

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  1. gem == easy_install, a part of setuptools
  2. setuptools
  3. for testing framework see nosetest
  4. autonose
  5. epydoc or sphinx
  6. use docstrings
  7. virtualenv along with virtualenvwrapper.
  8. paver
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setuptools doesn't actually do what bundler does. nosetest does not do BDD like rspec does. – Joshua Partogi Mar 21 '11 at 1:06
Yes and vice versa. This is a "closest match". – e-satis Apr 28 '11 at 9:14

1) PyPI/setuptools/distribute

2) done via setuptools (install_requires directive in

3) unittest/unittest/nose (with integration in Hudson or Buildbot)

5) Sphinx

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