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I made a rookie mistake with a migration yesterday. I amended a migration that had already been uploaded and run, and I forgot to rollback before uploading the new version. Now, the migration is failing because either a column already exists (up) or there is no column to delete (down)!

Is it possible to get a migration to force its changes one time from the console, without having to write :force => true within the document first, migrating, and then removing it again?

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A simple way of getting back to a stable state would be to make a manual change in the database adding the column so that the rollback works, and then do the rollback and migrate up again.

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The problem I'm having is that I'm using Heroku and I don't know of a way to access the db directly. It may just be easier to do a couple of uploads with the old migration/rollback + new migration/migrate up. –  sscirrus Mar 20 '11 at 15:53
What if you do "heroku rake db:reset" in the command-line? It will erase all production data, yes, but will force all migrations, and you can restore the user data afterwards from a backup. –  Svilen Apr 12 '11 at 22:23

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