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I wondered how I can make a NSTableView to behave like a UITableView on iOS. For example, splitting the content into sections as well as the typical behaviour of the section headers.

Is that possible? If so, how?

Thank you very much.

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Check NoodleStickyRowTableView:

It's part of NoodleKit:

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One of the differences is that UITableView's "cells" are actually Views, while NSTableView's are proper cells. Views suck up more memory and there's a bit of work involved in getting NSTableView to accept views like cells, then a bit more to optimize it so that if you have a huge list it isn't too memory intesnive.

Luckily it's already (mostly) been done, and there's a github project:

1) https://github.com/Perspx/PXListView#readme (also check his blog for more info) 2) http://blog.atebits.com/2008/12/fast-scrolling-in-tweetie-with-uitableview/

Good luck

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PXListView doesn't seem to offer sectioned table view though –  Z S Oct 31 '13 at 23:46

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