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When using the jasperreports-maven-plugin/1.0-beta-2 to compile a jrxml file to jasper, the resulting report doesn't display unicode characters properly, it displays ???? instead.

It is obvious this is a font problem. So I opened iReport 4.0.1, and compiled the jrxml file from there without changing any specific settings, the resulting jasper file could display the unicode characters just fine. So I am assuming there are some compile time properties which I am not setting properly.

I thought of using the tag of the jasperreports-maven-plugin plugin, to define the resulting encoding properties to the used when compiling the jasper file. But I couldnt find what properties to set there.

I guessed some properties from

The JasperReport Configuration Reference



but to no avail.

So I would like to know either if iReport uses some special compilation options regarding fonts,encoding or charset properties that can be set in the asperreports-maven-plugin mojo.

Alernatively, if this is not possible from this mojo.


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The Maven plugin is most likely not using JasperReports 4.0.1 to compile the report. By default it uses the JasperReports defined as a dependency: jasperreports:jasperreports:1.2.0.

Because JasperReports 4.0.1 has a different group, artifact and version this dependency can't be overridden. Exclusions only work for dependencies of dependencies, so that isn't an option either. You will need a different version of the mojo to compile templates using 4.0.1.

Lucky for you a patch has already been applied to the trunk of the mojo so all you have to do is check out the code and deploy a version to your repository.


After deploying the plugin you will need to override the dependency to 4.0.1. You do this by defining dependencies at the plugin level.


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Here is how to "check out the code and deploy a version to your repository": svn co -r14769 "svn.codehaus.org/mojo/trunk/mojo/jasperreports-maven-plugin" jrmp; cd jrmp; mvn install; Sorry for the formating. It wouldn't let me put returns in. –  Justin Wrobel Sep 27 '11 at 21:45

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