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Yesterday I was on the microsoft webmatrix site looking at the docs, and I saw this thing on the right of the page, I think it was a tutorial or something for some kind of gridview thing for Webmatrix. Although I was interested I didn't take much notice of it as I was reading stuff about Razor. But now I'have spent all day and all night trying to find it again, (even visiting the same page), but I can't. All I can find is a few 3rd party open source things that don't look so friendly.

Does anyone know which one I'm refering to? Have you seen it/used it?

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I found it. It's the WebGrid.Helper.

Can be found here:

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Tutorial has been moved... try this one instead:… – Edyn Mar 1 '13 at 0:44 has some good articles on how to expand the use of the webgrid helper that might be of interest.

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