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Trying to set up a nagios process which, after it samples my servers, it runs a process. What I want this process to do is write the resultant data to a log file, something I can post to another process (like splunk, but NOT splunk) Basically, I want to take each sample returned and send it to another URL.

What's the best way to do this?

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If you want the events sent to another log in standard syslog format (i.e. for Splunk) just set use_syslog=1 in nagios.conf ( You can the configure syslog to send the the messages to a separate logfile and/or another syslog host.

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Theres probably a better way to do this, but I would just use some tool like sec [ ] or write your own handler that tails the nagios log file. It has all the raw info you need in a standard format.

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