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I have to solve a cryptogram which looks like this:


where length of variables may be different. Also repetition may be different (like 0.XYZXYZ...). I've written a piece of code which I thought will work but it doesn't:

cryp(A,B,C) :-
  mn(A, X),
  mn(B, Y),
  mn(C, Z),
  Z = X/Y.

mn([], 0).
mn([H|T], W) :- D is 10, mn(T, W1), length(T, D), P is 10^D, W is W1 + H*P.

I execute it as crypt([A,B,C], [D,E,F], [G,H]). I thought it will at least solve ABC / DEF = GH just to have any part of working solution but it doesn't work.

I don't have any clue how to do it even for one example input. I don't know how to represent 0.GHGHGH....

EDIT: mn/2 is for converting list of digits to number ([1,2,3] -> 123).

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Here is clp(fd)-way

 ?- use_module(library(clpfd)).

 ?- Vars=[A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H], Vars ins 0..9, A#\=0, D#\=0, ((10*A + B)*10+C)*99 #= ((10*D+E)*10+F)*(10*G+H),all_distinct(Vars),forall(label(Vars),format('~w~n',[Vars])).
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You might do the following identifications: let a=0.GHGHGHGH.... Then

a = 0.GHGH....
GH + a = GH.GHGHGHGH.... = 100 a
GH = 99 a

=> a = GH/99

So you can replace it by GH/99 in your formulas.

Similarly 0.XYZXYZXYZ = XYZ/999.

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Thanks for that, you're right. Still I don't know what to do with that since mn/2 works well for constant input and doesn't work when I pass list of variables to it. mn([1,2,3],W) => W=123, but mn([A,B,C],W) doesn't match anything. –  marines Mar 20 '11 at 18:46

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